Reviewed by Hilary

It is 1890 and India Steele has just been dumped by her fiancé – after he inherited her father’s watchmaking shop, of course. India is furious – she’s out of money, out of job prospects and out of ideas. She’s resigned herself to become a spinster and given up on proper ladylike behavior when she bursts into her family’s former shop to give that ex-fiancé a piece of her mind. A mysterious customer is a strange combination of sympathetic and rude rather than scandalized by India’s behavior, and invites her to tea. Soon India is working for the man – an American! – Mr. Glass, to help him find one watchmaker in particular. Not everything about Glass’ story adds up and India finds herself much less trusting than she had been before her failed engagement.

I enjoyed this Victorian era historical-fantasy-mystery-romance combo. I’m usually not a huge historical fiction fan, but there was just enough mystery and hints at fantasy to keep me engaged. It was a quick read and reminded me more of young adult fantasy, though the characters are in their mid-twenties to thirties, and I’m not sure it is categorized that way. If you are an adult who enjoys reading YA fantasy and some mysterious, playful historical fiction, this might be a great fit for you! I am excited to keep reading books by this author, who has quite a few on Hoopla. The Watchmaker’s Daughter is book one of the Glass and Steele series. It is available in audiobook and ebook from Hoopla.