Resident Card

Adult residents or property owners in the City of Brentwood may obtain a free library card. Applicants must supply proof of residency and/or ownership of property. Acceptable proof must indicate the applicant’s current address, such as a driver’s license, lease, current utility bill or mail received within the past thirty days. The application for the card will be kept at the library. All items checked out on the card will be the responsibility of the card holder.

Resident Minor Card

The parent or legal guardian for minors (under the age of 18) must apply in person for a library card for the minor. The parent or legal guardian must provide the same proof of residency and/or property ownership as required for an adult card. The adult completing the library card application will assume ultimate responsibility for items checked out on the minor’s library card. In granting permission for the card, the parent or legal guardian acknowledges that all materials of the library will be available to the minor. If a minor already has a library card, and the parent wishes to restrict access, the parent can visit the library and have the minors’ library card revoked. (Updated 7/28/2023)

Non-resident Card

Non-residents of the city of Brentwood may apply for a library card. The same rules of proof of residency apply. If the person resides in the library districts of St. Louis County, St. Louis City, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, or Scenic Regional Library District there is no additional fee. If the person resides in an area outside of these library districts, an annual fee of $30 will be charged. (Updated 7/28/2023)

Reciprocal Card Agreements

The Brentwood Public Library is a member of the Municipal Library Consortium of St. Louis County. Library cards from other members of this consortium will be honored at the library. However, patrons will only be allowed to receive library cards from their respective municipal library.

Brentwood Library retains the right to deny or limit services to individuals or groups who make excessive demands on staff time. The Library reserves the right to limit the number of items borrowed by a patron, particularly if said item(s) are in high demand.

Confidentiality of Library Patron Records

The Brentwood Public Library honors every patron’s right to have his or her library records remain confidential. Library records include patron registration data, circulation records, overdue and reserve records, participation in library sponsored programs, record of library visits, and/or any data which may contain information linking a specific patron to specific materials or services used. Each patron has individual control over his or her borrower’s card and, presentation of the card permits access to information about the borrower’s current circulation record. Except during the actual period of transaction (circulation, maintenance of record on unpaid fines, reservation of materials), the library will not maintain a record of transactions. When no longer needed for library administration purposes, records will be expunged.

No information will be released to any person, agency, or organization, except in response to a valid court order or subpoena, properly presented to the library administrator or library Board of Trustees.

Nothing in this policy shall prevent authorized library personnel from using library records in the administration of their regular duties.

Confidentiality of Materials on Reserve

When contacting patrons regarding items on reserve at the library, the title of said material(s) will only be released to the library card holder. The library respects the privacy and confidentiality of all its patrons, including minors. Items may be retrieved by authorized individuals indicated on the borrower’s card application.

Loan Periods and Renewals

Material Type Loan Period Renewal Item Limits
Books 3 weeks 3 renewals No limit
Magazines 3 weeks 3 renewals No limit
Audiobooks 3 weeks 3 renewals No limit
CDs 3 weeks 3 renewals No limit
DVDs 3 weeks 3 renewals Limit of 10
Hot DVDs 1 week No renewals Limit of 2
eMedia 3 weeks No limit Limit of 10
Juvenile Nonfiction 3 weeks 3 renewals No limit*

*Due to the limited items available in some juvenile subject areas, patrons may be asked to check out only 3 items within a certain subject area at certain times. Applicable subject areas would be for science fair materials and assignments from local teachers.

Reference items and new magazines do not circulate.

Items on reserve for other patrons do not renew.

Fines and Late Fees

Late Fees
In March of 2020, the Library Board of Trustees decided to stop charging late fees for library materials. If an item is lost, the individual may be charged a replacement fee, but overdue fines will not be accessed.

Accumulated Fees
The borrowing privileges of patrons are blocked when their accumulated fines and fees total $10.00 or more.

Overdue Notices
Overdue notices are sent either by e-mail or via US Postal Service according to this schedule;

  • 1st notice is sent 14 days after the original due date
  • 2nd and final notice is sent after 28 days after the original due date
  • Item is marked lost in the library’s database after 42 days. The patron will be charged the replacement cost of the item and notified of this transaction

Collection Agency
After the third notification of overdue or lost materials, the patron’s fine information will be passed to a third party collection agency. At this time, an automatic fee of $10.00 will be added to the patrons’ fees, which is our cost for the agency to collect the item(s). The collection agency will contact the patron regarding the late fees. The patrons’ record of late fees and fines will NOT be sent to a credit reporting agency.

Claimed Materials
The library allows patrons to have a total of three claimed returned items on their library record. A claim return occurs when a patron is confident they returned the item to the library but it has not been found. A claim return will be granted after 3 months of searching for the lost item(s) with no results. A “claimed return” block will remain on the patron’s card indefinitely.

Lost or Damaged Materials
Library patrons are expected to return library materials in the same condition as when borrowed. Patrons will be charged the cost of the item (listed on the item’s bibliographic record) if the item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear. For specifics please see the Lost Book Policy section.

Lost Library Card
The first library card a patron is issued is free as are replacement cards if lost or stolen.

Lost Book Policy
The library will make at least three attempts to notify a patron regarding a lost item(s), after which a collection agency will resume this responsibility.  If a patron has lost an item checked out on their (or a minor’s) library card, the item will remain listed on their record until it is returned or paid for. If the item is owned by another MLC library, the owning library will determine the fine amount. Often the patron will be charged the price of the item that is listed in the database. The patron may replace the item (with another in at least “good” condition), however, unless the replacement has the exact ISBN number as the lost item, a new catalogue recorded will be required and a processing fee of $10 per item will be charged. A copy of the Patron Payment (receipt) for the lost item will be given to the patron upon payment.

When Lost Items are found
If a patron finds a previously lost and paid for item within 90 days they may either keep the item or return it to the library for full reimbursement, provided the item is in standard condition and the patron has the receipt issued by the library. After 90 days no reimbursements will be granted.

Meeting Room Usage Fee
The meeting room of the Brentwood Public Library is available for use by the St. Louis community. Groups from the city of Brentwood and or sponsored by the Library will be given priority for meeting room use. Only non profit groups may use the library. Please see the Meeting Room Policy for specifics on using and renting the room. A $10.00 fee is required at time of room usage for all groups outside the Brentwood tax district.

Library users are welcome to make up to 50 photocopies and/or prints per day for free. Any additional photocopies and/or black and white printing (over the allotted 50 per day) are .10 per page.  Color printing is .50 per pageYou can fax for free. We have generic cover sheets for you to use (at no charge) and we will provide you with a transmission receipt.

Selection of Library Materials

The Brentwood Public Library provides materials and services to support the mission of the library. The purpose of the selection policy of the library is to guide the development of the collection to meet the goals of this mission.

The responsibility of the section and purchase of library materials rests with the library director who may delegate responsibilities to other staff members, particularly to the children’s librarian and the adult reference librarian. Staff will adhere to accepted professional practices when making selection decisions.

The adult collection will be selected based on positive reviews in professional journals, list of award winning titles and or actual examination of materials. Some of the journals used for selection, but not limited to are: Library Journal, American Libraries, Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, New York Times Book Review and the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Popular demand (bestsellers, school bibliographies, local interests) may be used as a criterion for selection of materials as well. Suggestions from the community for items to be considered for purchase are strongly recommended, but must also meet selection criteria.

The children’s and young adult book collections are selected through a number of specific criteria. Collection choices are influenced by literature review publications and/or recognition from the media. Some sources used for selection are: School Library Journal (SLJ), Library Journal, Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), Horn Book Magazine, and Kirkus Children’s Book Reviews. An item’s audience suitability and specific placement within the collection is determined by literature review publications, as well as the age range determined by an item’s publisher.

The library does not attempt to acquire textbooks that support local curricula but may acquire textbooks for general use by the public. The library will attempt to have popular items available in a variety of formats including print, audio, electronic, large print, etc.). Generally only one copy of the item will be purchased (regardless of format)except when demand warrants another copy. The library goal is to have one copy per 5 requests on any item.

DVD and audio recordings will meet the same general selection criteria as books.

The library has established a Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form for objections to items in the collection and it may be found within this policy manual. (Updated 7/28/2023)

Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources Guidelines

The Brentwood Public Library welcomes comments and suggestions regarding the continued appropriateness of materials in its collection. This could include concern of outdated materials or concerns about a resource and its age appropriate designation.  Suggestions will be considered and utilized by the library staff in the ongoing process of collection development.  Patrons may take issue with library materials. Circulation staff is available to discuss concerns and identify alternate materials that may be available.  If the patron is not satisfied through discussion with staff, the library director or children’s librarian will discuss the matter with the patron.  If the patron’s concern is still not resolved, a formal written request for reconsideration of materials may be submitted to the library director.  The library director will respond and if concerns remain the request will then be forwarded to a special committee assembled by the library’s Board of Trustees for a formal evaluation of the material.

For a request for reconsideration to be considered, the form must be completed in full.  The patron submitting the request must be a resident of Brentwood and hold a valid borrower’s card.  If these requirements are met, the committee will respond to the request within sixty days of the submission.

The Brentwood Public Library has a twofold mission: provide Brentwood residential and commercial users open access to current print and multimedia materials, and to serve both communities through outreach initiatives and programs.

Click here for the Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources form.

(Updated 7/28/2023)

De-selection of Materials

Materials that no longer fit within the stated mission of the library will be withdrawn from the collection. This may include materials that are damaged, include obsolete information, or are no longer used. Decisions will be based on accepted professional practices and the professional judgment of the library director, children’s librarian or designated staff.

Items withdrawn from the collection will be disposed of in a number of ways. The preferred method will be to sell the items with the profit from the sale going to the library. Items might also be given to local community groups or charities. As a last resort the item will be recycled.

Approved by Board of Trustees, April 2012

Library-Initiated Programs

Library programs bring people together to share, learn, and grow. The Brentwood Public Library views programming as a vital part of library services. The library adheres to the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights* which states, “books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves.” Their interpretation of the Bill with regard to programs is as follows:
Library-initiated programs and displays utilize library worker expertise for community interests, collections, services, facilities, and providing access to information and information resources. They introduce users and potential users to library resources and the library’s role as a facilitator of information access.**

Programming is the responsibility of the library director who administers the library’s programs under the authority of the Board of Trustees. The library director may delegate authority for program management to designated staff members.

Programs/presenters are normally selected by the library director and/or designated library staff through references from other public entities or the staff’s previous experience with the program/presenter.

All programs/presenters will be vetted and pre-approved by the library director or designated library staff. The vetting process may include requesting a resume and/or references and public information searches.

Unsolicited offers are handled by the same standards in the vetting process. All programs/presenters are allowed at the discretion of the library director and staff. The library director may discuss the proposed program/presenter with the Board of Trustees for further input.

The library’s philosophy of open access to information and ideas extends to programming, and the library will not knowingly discriminate through its programming. The library will not exclude content, programs, program topics, speakers, or resources because of their origin, views, or because of possible controversy. The library’s sponsorship of a program, or mentioning of a performer in library-sponsored promotional materials, does not constitute the library’s endorsement of the content of the program or the views of presenters or participants.

Guest presenters affiliated with a business or corporation are not permitted to promote their business or products as part of the program. Exempt from this are authors or performers who come to specifically speak about their creations. These performers are permitted to sell their books or merchandise with permission from library staff.

All library programs shall be open to the public. Certain co-sponsored events may have fees. Some programs may be limited to attendees of targeted age groups. When space is limited, pre-registration may be required or attendees may be admitted on a first-come first-served basis. It is the responsibility of the library to publicize sponsored events.

A parent or caregiver is required to remain with a child under 7 years of age during any program. Adults not accompanied by a child or teen are not allowed in youth programs (unless given permission by library staff). Library staff will supervise presenters while they are on library property.
The library may choose to formally evaluate a program/presenter. The library is receptive to public comment and feedback concerning programs and presenters. The public can send comments to the library director or the president of the Board of Trustees.

Guidelines for presenters:

  • Presenters may be asked to sign a contract defining their rights and responsibilities as presenters.
  • Presenters are prohibited from soliciting services or selling products while on library property, unless explicitly approved by library staff.
  • Performers and attendees of programs will be informed that they may be photographed during an event by library staff for marketing purposes.
  • Performers may be asked to provide a copy of their certificate of liability insurance.

Upon request, additional accommodations may be made for persons with disabilities. Please make requests for accommodations as early as possible to allow time for coordination of services and assistive technology.

*”Library Bill of Rights”, American Library Association, June 30, 2006. (Accessed January 6, 2020)
Document ID: 669fd6a3-8939-3e54-7577-996a0a3f8952

**Adopted January 27, 1982, by the ALA Council; amended June 26, 1990; July 12, 2000; June 26, 2018 under previous name “Library-Initiated Programs as a Resource;” and June 24, 2019

Adopted by the Brentwood Public Library
Board of Trustees
March 3, 2020

Donations and Gifts

The Brentwood Public Library welcomes gifts of new and slightly used books, audio recordings, DVDs and similar materials the library collects in accordance with its selection policy. Once donated the items become the property of the library and, if not added to the collection, may be given to other libraries and non-profit agencies, sold or discarded. Donated items will not be returned to the donor, nor will the library accept any item that is not a gift (no lending). If the item is donated to obtain a tax benefit, it is the donor’s responsibility to establish fair market value. The library also reserves the right to determine when a donated item is withdrawn from the collection.

Monetary gifts, bequests and memorial or honorary contributions are also welcome. Funds donated will be used to promote the mission and or operation of the library.

Meeting Room

The meeting room of the Brentwood Public Library is available for use by the St. Louis community.  Groups from the city of Brentwood and or sponsored by the Library will be given priority for meeting room use.  Only nonprofit groups may use the library. A $10.00 fee is required at time of room usage for all groups outside the Brentwood tax district.

The Library Board of the Brentwood Public Library shall be the final authority in granting or refusing permission for the use of the meeting rooms.

Purposes, objectives, or views of groups or organizations using library meeting rooms shall in no way be announced, advertised, or displayed so as to suggest that they are endorsed by the library.

There shall be no fees or collections by the group using the library meeting room.

  • Meetings may be held during regular library hours only.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served on library premises.
  • No cooking of food will be allowed.
  • Renters shall place trash in containers provided by the library. However, the library shall not furnish any equipment for serving food or drink.
  • Organizations using library owned equipment and property (e.g., chairs, tables, and screens) should assume full responsibility for loss or damage.
  • No materials, equipment or furniture belonging to the group or organization shall be stored on library premises and the library will not assume responsibility for materials, etc. left on premises.
  • In order to provide equal opportunity for groups and the library to use the room, the following guidelines shall be followed:
    • One day/night a week shall be reserved for library programs only.
    • Groups may not excessively book the meeting room.
    • The library shall determine what is excessive based on time and day requested, and intervals between meetings.

Approved by Board of Trustees, 2012

Internet and Public Computer Access

Use of the Internet and public computer(s) shall be limited to 120 minutes per person, per day. Patrons privileges will be revoked if they violate the Library’s Internet & Public Computer Access Policy, misuse the computers, and/or any other Library owned electronic device, or violate Library policies.

The Brentwood Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet. The Library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access to use of information obtained through the electronic information system. Children under 18 years of age must have a signed parental consent form on file at the Library to access the Internet.

It is the policy of the Brentwood Public Library to restrict minors from gaining computer access to material that is pornographic in accordance with Sections 182.825 & 182.827 RsMO. All public access computers shall be equipped with software which limits minor’s ability to gain access to material that is pornographic.

Deliberate sending, receiving or displaying text, images or graphics in public which may be construed as obscene is in violation of current Missouri law (Missouri Revised Statutes 573.010, Section 573.060) and Brentwood City Code (Article VI Sec. 13-131 through 13-135) and may result in suspension of Internet privileges. Repeated violations, may result in expulsion from the library for up to one year.

When available the library staff will assist patrons in locating information on the Internet and other available computer software, however, staff cannot be responsible for training patrons on the many uses of the Internet or other available software. Internet/computer trained staff may not always be available.

Users agree to Indemnify and Hold Harmless the Library, its employees, and agents from any claim, demand, liability, cause of action, suit, judgment, or expense (including attorney’s fees), arising out of any breach of this policy statement.

Approved by Board of Trustees, April 4, 2013

Wireless Internet Access


The Brentwood Public Library is pleased to offer free wireless access to our patrons with WI-FI laptops. Patrons can access the Internet anywhere in the library with their laptops equipped with a wireless connection. In accordance with State guidelines, wireless access to the Brentwood Library network is available during normal business hours of the library. The wireless network shuts down 15 minutes before closing time of the library.


The library has a charging station as well as various desks with outlets for plugging in your electronic devices.

Set Up

There are no staff available to assist you with setting up wireless Internet on your computer; you are responsible for setting up your own equipment.


Printing from your personal device is available via email. Ask staff for details on how to submit your print job and how to pick it up.

Public Participation in Library Decision Making

Citizens are welcome at any open meeting of the Library Board either as observers or to present information and concerns to the Board.  Library Board meetings will be held in compliance with state laws governing meetings of regulatory groups, Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 610.  Any member of the public who wishes to speak to the Board is asked to register upon arrival, indicate group affiliation (if speaking on behalf of anyone other than self), and to limit comments and general information to five minutes.  Library administration and the Board welcome written documentation to support or restate information and concerns, but written documents are not required.  Any group or individual wishing to place a library-related item on the official agenda for action should contact the Library Director one week in advance.

When public information-gathering forums are planned, care will be taken to schedule forums at times that are convenient to potential participants.  If necessary, several forums may be scheduled to allow maximum input into Library service decisions.

Telephone calls, letters, and visits to the Library Director are encouraged and the Director maintains an open door policy.  Appointments to meet with the Director are encouraged, but not required.  The Library Director or appropriate staff will respond to letters and telephone calls within five workdays.  Comments placed in the Library’s suggestion box will receive a personal response, if desired.

Adopted by the Brentwood Public Library
Board of Trustees
September 17, 2012

Reprinted with permission from the Richmond Heights Memorial Library

Video Surveillance Policy

The Brentwood Public Library strives to maintain a safe and secure environment for the public and staff. In pursuit of this objective, the Library reserves the right to utilize continuous video surveillance and recording in selected public, interior and exterior, areas at the Library as deemed appropriate by Library administration. This policy is in force to deter theft, vandalism, disturbances, and/or Library Policy violations in unsupervised areas and to identify those individuals involved in such activity for law enforcement purposes.

Signage in Areas under Surveillance: The public will be notified using clearly worded signs prominently displayed at the main entrance and other areas that Library premises are under video surveillance. However, the absence of such signage will not affect the validity of or operation of the video surveillance system.

Security Camera Locations: Reasonable efforts shall be made to safeguard the privacy of the public and staff. The video security cameras will be positioned to record only those areas specified by the Library and will complement other measures to maintain a safe and secure environment in compliance with Library policies. The Library will only install cameras in locations where the public and staff would not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Examples include common areas of the Library such as entrances, near book and media collections, public seating, computer areas, delivery areas, hallways, and exits. Cameras will not be installed in areas where staff and public have a reasonable expectation of privacy nor to reveal the specific material which a person may elect to read, view or listen to while in the Library.

Use of Video Records: For purposes of this Policy, the term “Video Records” includes still shots, streaming live and recorded video and selected portions of recorded data.

  • Video Records may be used by Library staff or law enforcement personnel (i) to identify, prosecute or take other action against the person or persons responsible for Library Policy violations, damage to Library property, criminal activity on or near Library property or actions disruptive to normal Library operations or (ii) to identify and take action with respect to any person who had been previously suspended from or denied access to Library property.
  • Video Records may be used by Library staff for the purpose of assessing risks or other problems and establishing new policies or rules and regulations relative to the operation and use of the Library and to maintain a safe and secure environment.
  • Video Records may be used by law enforcement personnel for law enforcement purposes.

Disclosure of Video Records

Pursuant to Missouri law, all Video Records that identify a person or persons as having requested, used or borrowed Library material and/or identifying the names of Library users are confidential and will not be disclosed except as permitted by Section 182.817, RSMo. Except as otherwise required by applicable law or provided herein, Video Records are for internal use and not available for viewing by the public.

All requests from external sources to the Library for the release of Video Records shall be coordinated through the Library Director. The Library shall comply with any search warrant, lawfully-issued and served subpoena, or court order requiring the release of Video Records to the extent that the Video Records sought have been retained and disclosure is permitted by Section 182.817.

Requests by Law Enforcement Personnel: All requests by law enforcement personnel seeking release of Video Records derived from use of surveillance cameras without a search warrant, lawfully- issued subpoena, or other court order requiring release of Video Records shall be referred to the Library Director. It is the policy of the Library Board of Trustees that staff should, under typical circumstances, cooperate with law enforcement without need of further documentation or warrant. When presented with a search warrant, staff shall comply with such warrant.

Release Pursuant to Subpoena: Upon receipt of a subpoena seeking Video Records, the subpoena shall be immediately delivered to the Library Director. The Library may consult with legal counsel, if necessary, and may request legal counsel to file a motion to quash the subpoena if there are questions about the propriety of releasing the records or the subpoena itself. The Library shall comply with any lawfully-issued and served subpoena in accordance with state law to the extent that the records sought have been retained and are available.

Requests from the Public: The Library will respond to public records requests for Video Records in accordance with the provisions of the Missouri Sunshine Law, Sections 610.010 – 610.035, RSMo.

Retention and Storage of Video Records 

Video Records are stored digitally on hardware in the Library and shall not be accessed, viewed, edited, or manipulated except by the Library Director and/or other Library staff on a strict need-to-know basis in accordance with applicable law and Library policies and procedures. All equipment and storage hardware shall be kept in a secure area to avoid access or tampering by unauthorized persons.

Logs showing access to and use of recorded data will be kept by any person accessing or using such data in order to provide a property audit trail.

In accordance with the Public Record Retention Schedule promulgated by the Missouri Local Records Board, all Video Records will be retained for a minimum period of 30 days. If Library staff extracts any Video Records associated with a specific incident involving criminal or other liability issues, any such extracted Video Records must be maintained until administrative or judicial proceedings are complete.

Video Surveillance in Parking Lot

The Library acknowledges that the building in which it is located is owned by the City of Brentwood, and the Library shares the parking lot with the City.  The City may establish video cameras covering the parking lot and other parts of the building exterior. Such video cameras, and the records therein, are maintained by the City pursuant to City policy, and are not governed by this Policy.

Adopted by the Brentwood Public Library
Board of Trustees
May 5, 2020