Reviewed by Hilary

Hazel knows that her personality is… a lot. She doesn’t hide who she is, and she doesn’t calm down – she won’t be the perfect quirky girl in your romantic comedy dreams, and then change for your friends. So when she reconnects with an old college acquaintance, she doesn’t expect love – she just wants a new friend and can tell that straight-laced Josh needs someone like her in his life.

Josh remembers Hazel from college. She was crazy then, but surely she’s calmed down. And she’s his sister’s best friend, he already has a girlfriend, so what’s the harm in broadening his social circle?

Soon Josh and Hazel are setting each other up on double blind dates – they both think they can find what their friend needs, but neither is entirely sure what they want. All they know is that they’ve never dated each other. That would never work. Right?

I’m on a contemporary romance kick right now, and this was the first book I’ve been able to finish in a month. (Everything is making me too sad.) Though the plotline was generally predictable, the characters charmed me from the beginning and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I’d recommend it to fans of Jenny Colgan, Meg Cabot and Eliza Gordon.

Available in physical book format when the libraries reopen and ebook format from Overdrive.