For our March visit, four of us met to discuss Bone by Bone by Carol O’Connell.  It is a mystery set in a small town in California.  As one book club attendee said, she had never read a mystery where every single character felt like a suspect.  One day 20 years ago, two brothers went into the woods and only one returned.  The book begins with the return of the sibling to his hometown and to new clues about his brother’s disappearance.  If you like quirky characters and settings, then you might like meeting all the odd ducks that inhabit Coventry, Ca.

One person was not able to get the selected book read, but read another book by Carol O’Connell, Find Me. That book features one of her recurring characters, Mallory, the detective that started out life as a feral child.

Other books that book club folk have been reading:

  • The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore — (this author was recently at Christ Church Cathedral, the book has been highly recommended)
  • Beach Trip by Cathy Holton