Nine of us met to discuss The Good Son by Michael Gruber, an entertaining adventure about Theo, a Pakistani-American son who mounts a spectacular in-country rescue of his wily, manipulative mother, Sonia, by manipulating the US government almost to the brink of war.  A pre-eminent psychologist and world traveler, Sonia is among a group of international dignitaries who are captive to an extremist group and being executed one by one.  Family loyalties notwithstanding, she may have arranged to be taken hostage from the beginning.  Although Theo does not understand her purpose he matter-of-factly plans to retrieve her from her captors.  Family loyalty and honor must be served; the good son knows this.  Along the way is a wonderful, accessible tale of political intrigue, espionage, divided allegiances, comparative religions and a hint of future romance.

Other books that book club attendees are reading and enjoying:

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger

Broken Harbor by Tana French

Mightier Than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer

The Harder They Come by T.C. Boyle