mike and hilary 1

Congratulations to Hilary for winning the Brentwood Book Challenge in 2013. Hilary read 93 books for a total of 29,222 pages! We started this competition as part of the Missouri Book Challenge in 2011. In the statewide challenge, libraries vie for the distinction of having the staff who reads the most. We are competing within our own humble library for that distinction.

Which brings me to my second congratulations to Michael for finally being awarded his trophy for being the 2011 challenge winner. Michael read 77 books for a total of 26,726 pages! Unfortunately, due to staff members having babies, he was not given his trophy. And 2012 was kind of a bust. But we are back on track and Michael now has his rightful award.

Do you want a chance to win a trophy? We would love to start a patron challenge, but we need your input. Send an email to ggibbons@bplmo.org if you want to start a citywide reading challenge. After all, the librarians shouldn’t be having all of the fun.