Reviewed by Hilary

Must Love Otters is a sweet Rom-Com style novel that follows 911 dispatcher Hollie Porter after she loses one person on the line, and another reminds her that she only gets one life to live. Re-evaluating her current situation – a job she only took because it was union and in the medical field her father loves, a boyfriend who lives with her for convenience, and a general inability to put herself first, Hollie decides the best course of action is to step back. Using a gift from her father, Hollie embraces her adventurous side and goes north for a Spa & Stay at Revelation Cove.

Naturally, the British Columbian retreat is everything she dreamed and more. It comes with eligible bachelors, room service and charming wildlife. But will Hollie be able to face reality and figure out what she needs to do once her vacation is over?

This romance followed a pretty predictable plotline, but it was exactly what I needed this week, complete with the happy ending. The characters seemed realistic enough, the setting was charming, and it was overall just fun to read. I had to suspend my disbelief a bit on the interactions with Canadian wildlife, but I enjoyed the story and will continue reading the series! I’d recommend it to fans of Jenny Colgan, Meg Cabot and Christina Lauren.

The Revelation Cove Collection is available on Hoopla in ebook or eaudio formats.