Reviewed by Hilary It is 1890 and India Steele has just been dumped by her fiancé – after he inherited her father’s watchmaking shop, of course. India is furious – she’s out of money, out of job prospects and out of ideas. She’s resigned herself to become a spinster and given up on proper ladylike behavior when she bursts into her family’s former shop to give that ex-fiancé a pieceRead More →

Reviewed by Hilary Must Love Otters is a sweet Rom-Com style novel that follows 911 dispatcher Hollie Porter after she loses one person on the line, and another reminds her that she only gets one life to live. Re-evaluating her current situation – a job she only took because it was union and in the medical field her father loves, a boyfriend who lives with her for convenience, and aRead More →

Reviewed by Hilary Hazel knows that her personality is… a lot. She doesn’t hide who she is, and she doesn’t calm down – she won’t be the perfect quirky girl in your romantic comedy dreams, and then change for your friends. So when she reconnects with an old college acquaintance, she doesn’t expect love – she just wants a new friend and can tell that straight-laced Josh needs someone likeRead More →

Reviewed by Sarah P. The story of a young girl and her free-spirited father as they wander across the country in a renovated school bus. The pair run into an assortment of unique individuals during their travels, making new friendships and having adventures along the way. The dialogue was witty and often made me smile, and the ending was heartfelt and leaves the reader feeling good. I recommend this forRead More →