The Missouri Book Challenge is a fun way for our librarians to compete with each other and for our library as a whole to compete with other libraries just by keeping track of our reading!  Our rules are simple, we begin in September, each month’s winner is determined by the number of pages read and we have to write a book review to get credit for our pages read.  So check out our totals so far and get some reading ideas from our reviews (check out our Book Review page for more).  Also check out the Missouri Book Challenge website to see what other libraries are participating and to read some of their reviews!

2017-2018 Season

Books Pages

September 2017

Books Pages

2016-2017 Season

Books Pages
Hilary 52 10244
Gina 25 9818
Lindsay 40 7842
Annie 12 2651
Maureen 4 1180
Clare 1 327

August 2017

Books Pages
Gina 2 960
Hilary 1 351
Clare 1 327
Team 4 1638