This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

This Mortal Coil

Catarina is the daughter of famous gene-coder Dr. Lachlan Agatta, but she hasn’t seen him since the government organization Cartaxus dragged him away. Lachlan warned Cat to do whatever she had to in order to stay free and out of the grasp of Cartaxus. But Lachlan is working on a vaccine to cure a terrible plague, and life on the surface without government protection isn’t easy. Cat’s done whatever was necessary to stay alive, but the plague has only gotten worse. A Cartaxus soldier finally tracks Cat down, and she does her best to fight, but he doesn’t seem quite human. He claims her father has been killed, and the world needs her help decrypt the vaccine, which Cat finds suspicious. Realizing that the soldier himself is also going against orders, Cat has no choice but to try to work with him, even if she doesn’t trust him.

Reviewed by: Hilary on November 28, 2017

Number of Pages: 424


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