The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

The Snow Child

When Jack and Mabel fail to have the child they long so deeply for, they move away from their home and join other homesteaders in the wilderness of Alaska. Mabel hopes this will distract them, but the hard days of farming just draw the two farther apart, and Mabel further into her depression. As they finally begin to make friends and another harsh winter begins with a magical snowfall, the two build the little girl they always wanted from snow. In the morning, the snow child is gone and the red scarf and mittens that decorated her have also disappeared. As the winter gets colder, both Jack and Mabel see flashes of red going through the woods, but neither knows what to believe. But the streak of red is a scared little girl, wearing their scarf and mittens, living wild in the trees. Though the couple wants to take care of the girl, there is something different about her — she seems more comfortable in the Alaska snow than in their warm cabin, she hunts her own food, and her only companion is a red fox who hunts alongside her. The girl slips in and out of their lives when she feels like it and no one else in the small town admits to having ever seen her. Mabel remembers a story her father told her when she was younger, about a little girl made of snow, and reconnects with her family in hopes of understanding what is happening.

This book started very sad, with the couple feeling old and lost, unsure of how to go from one day to the next. As the story moved along, bits of magic slipped in — little happy moments peeking through.

Reviewed by: Hilary on June 24, 2017

Number of Pages: 389

Tags: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Parenting

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