The Cafe by the Sea by Jenny Colgan

The Cafe by the Sea

Flora is content working in London. Sure, it’s gray and rainy and there are people everywhere all the time, and she has a revolving door of roommates and a crush on her boss, but it’s home. So when that boss wants her insider information on the small Scottish Island where she was raised, Flora is not eager to travel back. Her last visit was heartbreaking and humiliating, and everyone in the village will remember. Though she’d like to fight it, her boss (finally!) knows who she is, and she doesn’t think she really has a choice. Upon returning to the island, Flora is quickly sucked by into caring for her father and brothers on their farm, and forced into those memories she’d been suppressing. With too much time on her hands, and very little direction as to what she’s supposed to be doing while on the island, Flora finds her mother’s cookbook and begins recreating the old recipes. Flora begins remembering the wonderful things about the island, getting to reconnect with childhood friends and finally understanding her brothers. But is any of this going to help if the whole town hates her and her job hinges on winning them over?

Reviewed by: Hilary on October 28, 2017

Number of Pages: 395

Tags: Chick Lit, Cooking, Romance

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