Sweet Lamb of Heaven by Lydia Millet

Sweet Lamb of Heaven

This is a disturbing read. But not in the way that most books are disturbing when they are about women running from their controlling husbands. This one has an eerie twist. When her daughter Lena was born, Anna started hearing voices.  Almost a constant stream of sounds until her daughter was about a year old and then they stopped. Anna has fled her husband with Lena. He is a chameleon of a character who wears whatever face will allow him to gain access to what he wants. What he wants is his wife and daughter for photo ops during his senate campaign in Alaska. But so far Anna has eluded him by taking Lena to a motel in Maine. It is secluded and she can survey her surroundings easily. But then more people start showing up during the off-season and she can’t help but wonder what would bring them to this place? The answer is surprising. This is not a book to read for a neat resolution. Psychological drama is coupled with philosophical and evolutionary questions about human nature. This book was featured in this year’s  Tournament of Books!

Reviewed by: Gina on April 4, 2017

Number of Pages: 250

Tags: Fiction

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