Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Strange the Dreamer

When Lazlo Strange was a boy he was entranced by the stories of a mysterious far away city. For years people would come from the city to trade goods and tell stories of the magical place but no foreigners were ever allowed to enter. Then one day, people stopped coming and no one ever knew what happened to the city. Lazlo was entranced but it did not become an obsession until the day when the name of the city was wiped from existence. It was not that he could not remember, it was that no one could remember. It became referred to as Weep in the absence of its true name. Lazlo was an orphan of mysterious origins and becomes a junior librarian in love with fairy tales and old stories, especially those about Weep. His obsession with the magical legendary city continues but he is still shocked when one day a group of people arrives from Weep asking for help. Their leader is the Godslayer and he is his people’s hero because he managed to kill the gods and goddesses that held his people under their cruel control for many years. However, they are still haunted and are now seeking the help of outsiders to solve a mysterious problem they refuse to explain. Lazlo Strange finds a way to be part of the chosen group that will be the first outsiders ever to enter the city of Weep.

From this point in the book, the magic builds and grows until it is not really much of a surprise when we switch perspectives and find out a few of those gods and goddesses survived and maybe they aren’t all really evil after all. I looooved this book. The characters, the world building, the magic, and the writing were all so beautiful. I think for some people it will be overly wordy and the romance that happens felt a bit rushed but overall this is a gorgeous book. This is part one of a duology so if you read this be prepared to be left hanging to a certain degree at the end!

Reviewed by: admin on April 29, 2017

Number of Pages: 536

Tags: Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

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