Murder, Magic and What We Wore by Kelly Jones

Murder, Magic, and What We Wore

Miss Annis Whitworth had been raised by her aunt Cassia as her father traveled the world for business. She attended balls, read books, embroidered and gave her friends advice on what dresses would best suit them. Unfortunately, all this is no longer possible when word arrives that her father has died in an accident, and his money cannot be found. Annis has long known her father’s real business: he is a spy for Britain. But when she offers her services to the War Office after his death, she is laughed out. Cassia is convinced the two can become governesses and support themselves, but Annis has another idea. With the help of her new maid, the only servant they were able to keep on, Annis learns that her talent for seeing what looks best on people is not just that — it is magic. Armed only with a bit of muslin and a few colors of thread, the two open a dress shop in a small town outside London, trying to support themselves. At the same time, Annis is determined to find out why her father died.

Reviewed by: Hilary on October 23, 2017

Number of Pages: 293

Tags: Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Young Adult

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