Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Homegoing: A Novel

I’ve found another book for my best books read in 2017. Homegoing is a sublime novel. From its structure to its characters to its vast scope, it left me longing for more. I struggle with book endings a lot. They never seem to end satisfactorily. With Homegoing, not so.  So now I struggle with it being a beautiful ending and not wanting it to end!

Gyasi creates a world that begins in Ghana with the Asante and Fante tribes raiding villages and selling the people they capture to the British slavers on the coast. It starts with two sisters, who never know each other. They were born of different mothers and their lives go in very different trajectories. Each subsequent chapter tells the story of someone from the next generation and goes through the plantations of Alabama to the Harlem of the Great Migration and beyond. Most of the stories you want to keep following, but then you move into someone else’s life and it is equally compelling. Please read Homegoing. It is a masterpiece and it is Gyasi’s first novel!

Reviewed by: Gina on April 4, 2017

Number of Pages: 305

Tags: Fiction, Historical Fiction

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