Blood Will Out by Walter Kirn

Walter Kirn is the author of such fictional tales as Up in the Air and Thumbsucker. This book, however is a memoir of his relationship with Clark Rockefeller aka Christian Gerhartsreiter, a man who was convicted of a murder that took place before Kirn's first meeting with Rockefeller.

We read this book for the Brentwood Book Club selection in July. It was a successful treatment of the author's unease with this horrible discovery that the person he had known and spent time with was not the person he said he was. And that he was being tried for murder. The stories that he tells about his meetings with Clark are about his whims and eccentricities that are forgiven because he is a Rockefeller and Kirn is the kind of man who finds himself drawn to the wealthy only to be equally enthralled and repelled by the wealthy.

I expected the book to be more about Gerhartsreiter and his crimes than about the author working through his  feelings of being duped, but that ended up being interesting too. If you want more of a story of the true crime variety, then there are other books out there about his case that you might want to check out.

Reviewed by: Gina on July 26, 2016

Number of Pages: 277

Tags: Memoir